Hornindal and the region

Knausen Hyttegrend centrally located in a well-known tourist area. From here one can take day trips to Geiranger, The Briksdal Glacier, Stryn Summer Ski Centre, Western Cape and about 1.5 hour ferry free drive to to the bird island of Runde.

Hornindal scenery and offers many opportunities for trips, both in the many valleys and peaks of up to 1700m. Hornindalsvatnet, Europe's deepest lake, is located in Hornindal. The lake offers various water activities.

The snow conditions are particularly good, and during the winter there are several kilometers of groomed trails available. Knausen Hyttegrend is situated between several winter resorts: Hornindal Skisenter, Ullsheim, Stryn Vinterski, Harpefossen, Strandafjellet, Volda Skisenter and Ørsta Skisenter.

Downtown Hornindal you can between others find grocery stores, gas station, hair salon, hotel and the Anders Svor Museum.

More information about Hornindal and the region can be found at nordfjord.no.
Knausen Hyttegrend

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